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Jun 6 '12

Movie Rec: Tekkon Kinkreet

Tekkon Kinkreet: a 2006 Japanese film directed by an American based off of an acclaimed manga. It is - clearly - animated. And unfortunately, it is lesser known than it should be. 

The story is about two orphans named Black and White in a city called Treasure Town. As the Yakuza move to make the city into something more, the orphans, who begin causing trouble, find themselves fighting back. 

It’s a poor description for such a well-crafted, subtle film. 

The style of it can be very off-putting. The anatomy often does not seem right and the orientation of the characters’ faces is not at all the norm for Japanese animation, which tends to be giant-eyed, glittering prettiness. This film, though wildly colorful, gets a rougher look merely by design. 

I want to put out that I also really enjoy the dub for this movie. I wasn’t expecting it to be done well, but it actually was and that surprised me. I watched Tekkon Kinkreet for a second time while my mother happened to be in the room, and it means a lot to me that she, a woman who cowers at mature animation, would enjoy it and later defend it. 

By the way, when I mention it being mature animation, I don’t mean “sex sex sex” AT ALL. That is NOT what “mature animation” means. Not in the slightest. No, I mean simply that this is a movie for adults. The story is not one that children would follow; there are kids fighting and cussing and being abused in the movie, and there are shots of nudity. 

But seriously. Go watch it. It’s freaking great. 

Slight warning: it will depress (and later uplift) your soul.