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wonders never cease

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Apr 8 '14

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Dec 16 '13
"If Castiel had not been as incredibly charismatic and as complicated as he turned out to be, we would’ve grown tired of that storyline and ended up killing him and blowing the storyline off, like we have in the past to other storylines that haven’t entirely worked for us. The guy who really deserves the majority of the credit for that is Misha Collins, because he came in and he immediately had such chemistry with Jensen and Jared and was able to hold the screen with them. He was just such the total package in terms of giving a really complicated, interesting, charismatic performance, and you just wanted to know more about this character because of him. Ultimately, it’s through Castiel that we view the angel mythology - he’s the one that introduced it to us, he’s the one who expanded it. Zachariah, Uriel, and Anna fleshed out the mythology, and made it so fun, but the fact is that it all started with Misha’s Castiel. I owe him an amazing debt of gratitude for delivering such a wonderful performance and for being a terrific guy and being so easy to work with."

Eric Kripke on the angel storyline (Supernatural Companion Guide Season 4)

So wait wait wait wait WAIT. HOLD THE FUCK UP. You’re trying to tell me (ME!) that ERIC KRIPKE, the CREATOR of the show, said all this?! 





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Dec 12 '13
Dec 8 '13

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Nov 14 '13


One of my favourite Crowley/Castiel scenes ever. It is the first time we see Crowley actually show feelings other than rage. When Castiel tells him to stop talking and get out of his sight you can clearly see the awe in Crowley’s eyes, realising he’s been dealing with a creature much mightier than him. He doesn’t feel angry, he feels rather deceived and I dare to say somewhat hurt having Castiel turn against him. Before Crowley walks off he even begins the ‘You know what’s the difference between us?’ speech. You only say that when you’ve put your expectations and even trust in someone, and then that someone disappoints you. In a romantic movie this would be the famous ‘I thought there was something between us, I thought we were equal’ moment. This scene makes me love Crowley even more because you can clearly see what an unique multifarious character he is. In my opinion he is the only demon so far who has actually some human traits.

Nov 13 '13


Dean/Castiel - Deal

Ohmygod. One of the rare videos where you don’t need to read the description to understand the story.

Nov 13 '13

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Aug 26 '13

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Aug 12 '13

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May 12 '13

Cas squinting in 8.22

Cas squinting in 8.22